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Buying Guide to Breadmakers

Breadmakers are an increasingly popular and extremely easy way to bake your own tasty and healthy bread.

Just think of the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked bread wafting through your home.

With a breadmaker, you simply supply the ingredients and programme the breadmaker- so simple!

Breadmakers come with a number of programmes that may enable you to:

  • Make loaves of different sizes with different kinds of flour
  • Obtain various shades of crust
  • Dispense nuts, seeds or the like during breadmaking for even distribution in your loaves
  • Make gluten-free bread
  • Keep the loaf warm until you are ready to eat it

And even

  • To make cake, jam or pizza dough in the breadmaker. 

Some breadmakers have a fast-bake function that is very useful if you are in a rush.  Slower programmes take longer but can be more ecologically friendly: check the instructions of your breadmaker.


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