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How to connect your Smart TV or Blu-ray player

In order to enjoy Smart TV, you will need a broadband connection. A connection speed of 2Mbps or higher is recommended for Smart TV. You can check your broadband speed at link will open in a new window. ( is not responsible for the content of external websites)

The TV or Blu-ray player can be connected to the broadband router in one of three ways:

Direct Ethernet cable connection

Direct Ethernet cable connectionm

  • This is a good solution if your TV is near the router, as it allows for the best connection between the TV and broadband.

Ethernet cable via a powerline

Ethernet cable via a powerline

  • This solution works particularly well if the TV is in a different room to the router. The system uses the electrical wiring in your home to transfer data, giving the TV a strong connection to your broadband.

Wireless connection

Wireless connection

  • This is a truly wireless solution. However, wireless signals can deteriorate over long distances, so this system will work most effectively when the TV is situated not too far from the router.

Once connected to the router, follow the manufacturers' instructions to set up the network connection on the device. This is usually done by following simple on screen instructions, using the remote control.

When your Smart TV is connected, sit back and enjoy all the additional features and content available to you. In fact, you may never watch normal TV again!

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