Air Coolers, Fans and Air Conditioners

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Warm weather and high humidity levels can make your home or office hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. Why not consider an air cooler, fan or air conditioning unit to help you stay cool in the day and sleep easier at night?

This guide takes you through the different air cooling appliances in our range and explains the benefits and key features you should look for when considering your purchase.

Air coolers

Air coolersAir coolers are portable units which can be easily moved around the house as required. They work by using water, stored in an internal water tank, to supply a filter that the hot air is drawn through and subsequently cooled before being returned to the room.

They perform at their best when the air temperature is hot and the humidity level is low.

The humidity level will influence the level the air cooler can cool the room. Typically they will lower the room temperature by 2 to 3 degrees


What are the Benefits of air coolers?

  • They are portable
  • No installation costs
  • Air coolers do not require a hose vent so it is not necessary to place them near an external window.
  • Many have castors, making them easy to manoeuvre.

Key features to look for

  • Speed Settings - The number of settings on the air cooler, the greater the settings the more control you will have.
  • Tank size - The size of the water tank in litres, which has to be kept filled. The larger the tank the longer the air cooler can run.
  • Timer - Gives you control over the amount of time that the appliance is turned on.
  • Remote control - Many air coolers are supplied with a remote control for ease of use.

Air conditioners

Air conditioning unitAir conditioning units are used to stabilise the air temperature in a room by extracting warm air from the room and recycling it back as cold air. All of our air conditioners expel heat through a hose which must be vented through a window or wall.


What are the Benefits of air coolers?

  • Portable air conditioning units can be moved from room to room
  • They can lower a room's temperature by several degrees.

Key features to look for

  • Energy label - The EU energy label rates products from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).
  • Room size - This indicates the maximum room size the air conditioner can be used efficiently in.
  • Remote control - Some air conditioners are supplied with a useful remote control to adjust settings.
  • Output - Air conditioners are often described in terms of their BTU (British thermal unit). It is claimed that the higher the BTU the more efficient the appliance is at cooling a room.


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