Advanced Compact Digital Cameras
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Advanced Compact Digital Cameras explained

We also provide a general guide to digital cameras.

An advanced compact digital camera is still small and convenient, but has a variety of extra features built in offering even greater flexibility than the basic compact camera. A memory card is still essential when using the camera (sold separately).

Why choose an advanced compact digital camera?

Advanced compact digital cameras can be used for point and click photography if you wish, but can also offer many more options as to how to use the camera. Different models have different features, but all are flexible and convenient to use.

  • Advanced compact digital cameras grant more manual control and flexibility than basic compacts. This makes them a strong choice for the more creative photographer.
  • The memory cards necessary are easy to add and remove, though one at least must be bought to use the camera fully.
    • •   NB: memory cards are not normally provided with the camera.
  • Advanced compacts come in a range of styles and colours to suit your requirements.
  • Small and easy to carry, an advanced compact digital camera can go wherever you go and take amazing pictures of whatever you see.
  • Accessories are of course available for all of our cameras. 


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