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Your guide to finding a TV to suit you

Shopping for a new TV can be very exciting. However, with so much choice on offer and with technology developing so fast, it can also be quite daunting. This guide explains the different technology available and some of the key features and benefits to look out for when choosing your new television.

LCD, LED or Plasma?


LCD TVLiquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology works by using a liquid crystal layer through which light is shone to produce the picture. The liquid crystals twist to allow light through the layer in varying strengths in each individual pixel. This creates the image on screen.

Due to the nature of liquid crystal, the reaction time can be slower than other technologies, but this is now being overcome by using motion technology to smooth the pictures and give a far superior result.

What are the benefits of LCD TVs?

  • LCD technology is widely available in all screen sizes.
  • LCD TVs are great for general viewing.
  • They perform particularly well in brightly lit environments, such as a kitchen or conservatory because the lights used to create the picture are bright.


LED TVLight emitting diode (LED) uses the same technology as LCD, with a layer of liquid crystal used to control the light and create the picture. The difference here is that the backlight is delivered from a series of LEDs rather than the fluorescent tubes used in conventional LCD.

What are the benefits of LED TVs?

  • LED lamps are brighter and use less energy than LCDs of a similar size.
  • The LED lamps can be individually controlled resulting in better contrast levels as the backlight can be turned off in areas it is not needed.
  • LED TVs are extremely slim which is ideal if you are mounting your TV on a wall.
  • They are great for experiencing vivid colour and detail and perfect for watching nature programmes.
  • LED TVs are widely available across most screen sizes.


Technology used in plasma TVs is made up of thousands of tiny cells, each containing a gas, which glows when charged by electricity. These form the pixels that make up the picture.

What are the benefits of Plasma TVs?

  • Plasma technology is found in screen sizes above 37 inches. So if you are looking for a large Television, such as a 50 inch TV, plasma TVs are perfect.
  • Plasma technology is able to respond quickly to fast moving images, making it great for watching sport or fast action movies.
  • They deliver very high contrast so dark areas of the picture do not suffer from stray backlight, which can be the case with LCD TVs.
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