Baby monitors, safety gates and bouncers


Using a monitor can be really reassuring, letting you relax while your baby sleeps in another room. Remember though, they're there to help - they can't replace adult supervision.

Peace of mind

We've got a great range of baby monitors, all designed to give you that extra bit of reassurance. You'll know as soon as your baby wakes or stirs - so you can unwind a little while they're snoozing.

Safety gates

Safety GatesOnce your baby starts exploring there'll be no stopping them! Stairs are a real danger but they seem to fascinate little ones, so it's essential to use a safety gate at both the bottom and the top.

Some types of safety gate can be used to block your baby's route into other rooms too - handy if you want to keep them out of places like the kitchen and bathroom. Don't forget to measure up before you buy.

Wall fix

This type of gate is permanently fixed to the wall. For easy adult access, the whole gate swings open.

Pressure fit

These gates use spring action to fit snugly between two walls. They're temporary and they don't damage your décor either! If you want to use them between a stair post and a wall, you'll need to use permanent-fix wall cups too.

Baby bouncers

1Bouncers are a great first seat for your baby and can help keep them relaxed and entertained too. Look out for extra features like vibration, sounds and toys.

Bouncers and safety

It’s important not to use a bouncer when your baby can sit up by themselves. Check individual bouncers for maximum weight restrictions and always use the harness. If you go for a vibrating one, only use the faster speeds for short periods of time.