Bottles and accessories

bottle feeding your baby

If you're breast-feeding and you express your milk, you will also need bottles to store the milk and to feed your baby when required. If you're fully bottle-feeding your baby it's recommended that you have enough bottles and teats, so that you're always ready to give your hungry baby a feed. There are a variety of bottles available and different bottles suit different babies.

baby feeding accessories

A newborn baby will need a small bottle with a slow-flowing teat to help them develop their own sucking rhythm. As they develop, their appetite will grow and you can move to larger bottle sizes to ensure they're satisfied.

Some bottles come with anti-colic systems, which reduce the amount of air digested during feeding and in turn can reduce the amount of wind your baby develops. Some teats are made from soft, natural feel silicone, designed to mimic the natural flex and feel of a mother's nipple.

Along with your bottles, you'll want to invest in some bottle-brushes and teat cleaners. There is also a range of useful accessories, such as bottle and baby food warmers, including travel versions for when you're on the move. Look out for insulated bottle bags to keep milk warm, and also bottle and food coolers, for when you want to keep things chilled in the summer.

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