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Cots & Beds

Cots & Beds

This guide explains the different types of bed available, both from birth and to use as your little one grows.

Moses baskets and cribs

moses baskets

A Moses basket is a lovely snug option for newborn babies.

  • They are made from natural materials, usually wicker or strong natural palm.
  • They have sturdy handles, making them ideal to move baby from room to room, so you can keep them close by wherever you are.
  • Some Moses baskets come with a liner, mattress and bedding.
  • To make the most of a Moses basket, consider a rocking stand, which can help to soothe and reassure your baby.

Cribs are also suitable from birth up to approximately 6 months.

  • They are usually made from solid wood.
  • Most have a swinging or gliding mechanism to gently rock your baby to sleep.
  • Cribs are not suitable once your baby has become active. As soon as your baby can sit, kneel or pull themselves up, it's time to move onto a cot.

Please note, if you're shopping for a crib, they're available exclusively online.


Cots are also suitable for babies from birth, though many people wait until their baby has outgrown their Moses basket or crib before progressing to a cot. Here are the main features to look out for when considering which cot to buy:

Dropside cots
  • Fixed rail cots - these are great value for money and offer excellent safety and security because the static side rails cannot be accidentally moved.
  • Drop-side cots - allow you to lower and raise the side with one hand whilst holding your baby with the other. This is helpful if your baby is asleep because you can put them into the cot without waking them.
  • Adjustable bases - allow you to change the height of the mattress as your baby grows. Most cots come with 2-3 base positions; the highest position is ideal for newborn babies and the lowest perfect for babies once they can stand.

Travel cots

travel cots
  • Travel cots are lightweight and folding, making them portable for holidays and overnight stays with friends and relations. They can also make a welcome bed for visiting babies.
  • Most come with carry bags to make them even easier to transport and some even have wheels.
  • Many come with various accessories, including, toys and changing mats and some can also double as a playpen.
  • Travel cots are suitable from birth up to around 15kg, depending on the model.
  • Some models include a raised bassinet for use up until your baby reaches 6.5kg or approximately 3 months old. This is more comfy for a small baby and makes it easier on your back, as you don't have to bend down so far to put your little one to bed.

Cot beds

Cot beds have removable sides, which convert the cot into a junior bed once your child has outgrown the cot. This gives you the best of both worlds and is a very practical and good value option that will last for years. Cot beds are suitable from birth up until your child reaches approximately age 5.

Toddler beds

A big stepping-stone that lets your child find out what a grown-up bed is like, but keeps them safe, with the added protection of side guards or rails. Many of our toddler beds have fantastic themed designs, a great way to make bed time fun.

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