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The movement is the means by which a watch keeps the time. It's the engine of a watch and may comprise up to 600 parts. The movement determines the accuracy and reliability of the watch. The different movements available are:


A battery-powered current moves through a quartz crystal, making it oscillate extremely fast. That oscillation powers a motor that moves the hands of the watch. A quartz watch is extremely accurate and reliable, one of the most precise forms of timekeeping.


Kinetic watches convert your body movement into electrical energy and don't require a battery. Simply by being worn, kinetic watches stay wound and do not need to be wound up manually. Kinetic watches function in a similar way to automatic watches, except they stay charged for longer as the wrist movement charges a rechargeable cell rather than winding a spring. The cell will eventually run down if the watch is not worn for a long period. However, some kinetic watches have a sleep function that conserves energy when the watch is not in use, and will continue to work for up to 6 months.


Fuelled by light, it never needs a battery.



The display is how you view the time. Consider whether you wish to tell the time in an analogue or digital format, how many markers you would like and whether any extra features, such as a stopwatch, are important to you. The main types of display are:


A traditional watch face with a dial and hands, marked with 12 hours, either in Arabic numerals, Roman numerals or baton markers. In fashion watches, the different marking types may be combined for a distinctive look.


A digital watch displays the time in figures that change in steps. It gives a reading in units as small as seconds and fractions of seconds.


These watches show the time in digital format and with a quartz hand hour and minute movement.

Chronograph A watch with a stopwatch function showing seconds and minutes. Available in both analogue and digital formats.


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