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Fob watches

fob watchA fob watch can be very practical for anyone working in a healthcare or medical profession, where health, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance.

They have a chain or clip to allow them to be secured to clothing. This enables them to be easily read and yet prevents the risk of the watch being dropped or lost.

Pocket Watches

Pocket watchA pocket watch is an ideal gift for a special occasion. Designed for men, they are carried in a pocket as opposed to worn on a wrist. They generally have a chain which can be attached to a waistcoat, lapel or belt loop.



Ladies' Charm Bracelet Watches

Ladies charm bracelet watchA charm bracelet watch can be an interesting and unusual item. Accessorise your bracelet with a range of charms to create something that is special and personal to you. A great way to incorporate a watch into a unique piece of jewellery.


Children's Watches

childrens watchFrom around the age of 3+ your child may be ready to start learning about time. A colourful children's watch featuring their favourite character, or with interchangeable heads can be a great way to introduce them to a new concept. As they get a bit older, a large, easy to read analogue, digital or time teacher dial can help them master the basics.





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