Introduction to cameras and camcorders

Capturing those precious moments has never been easier

Today’s digital cameras and camcorders are sophisticated yet simple to use. Whether it’s for quick snaps at family events or professional looking shots of a day out, we can cater for your photographic needs.

Compact Digital Camera

A compact is exactly as the name suggests, small enough for a pocket or handbag. Increasingly, compact cameras are full of easy to use features. Shooting modes and technology such as face recognition make digital photography a much simpler affair.

IDEAL FOR: carrying with you for everyday snaps, simple point and shoot operation

Digital SLR

If you’re into photography and want to take the step to more adventurous results, a digital SLR gives you the flexibility you need. Easy pre-programmed modes mean you can still point and shoot, however fully manual settings are available to give you complete creative control.

IDEAL FOR: greater flexibility, making photography a hobby, improving your creative skills

Digital Camcorder

Not only are camcorders getting smaller they also pack more punch than ever before. Depending on the model you choose you can record straight to the internal hard disk, a DVD, a memory card or a DV cassette. For those extra special moments why not choose a High Definition camcorder for truly beautiful results.

IDEAL FOR: shooting home movies, capturing special occasions

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