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1 megapixel (MP) = one million pxiels. The more pixels in an image, the higher its resolution.


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A larger screen size makes it easier to frame and view your photos.


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For spur-of-the moment pictures look no further than our selection of instant cameras. With top brands like Polaroid and Hello Kitty, you can watch your prints develop in seconds.

If you opt for a FujiFilm model, you should also consider an accessory kit which comes with a camera case and a close up lens in popping colours. Browse our selection of photo frames to turn your adventures into gifts for your best friends and long-lasting memories. And if you ever go a bit crazy, don?t panic; we have plenty of film in stock so your photo fun never has to end.

For even more fun, why not consider a tough & action camera or a tough & action camcorder?

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