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By Bowl capacity (L)

Our range varies in capacity from 1-5 litres.


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By Max bread size (kg)

The maximum size loaf you can bake.


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By Energy efficiency rating

Rated on a scale 'A+ -G', with A+ being the best using the least electricity and saving money.


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By Drying capacity (kg)

The maximum drying load measured in kg.


By Frame finish

Bed frames are sold in a range of different material, from solid wood or wood effect, to metal and fully upholstered in suede or leather.


By Main oven energy efficiency rating -

By Capacity (l)

The average kettle can hold between 1.5-1.7 litres of water. This equates to about 6-7 large cups of water.


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By Frost free

Regular flow of cold air around the appliance to prevent the built up of ice and frost.


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By Capacity (kg)

The maximum amount that you can fry at one time.


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By Energy efficiency class

Rated on a scale 'A+ -G' with A+ being the best, using the least electricity and saving money.


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By Display -

By Spin speed (rpm)

The faster the spin speed, the less drying will be required, ideal for saving energy and time.


By Extraction type -

By Place settings capacity

The greater the number of place settings the more washing capacity the dishwasher can accommodate.


By Net frozen food volume (L)

The storage capacity of the freezer in litres.


By Wall panel material -

By Fitting -

By Fuel type -

By Tank capacity (l)

The larger the tank size the less frequently you will need to refill it.


By Number of pieces -

By Cooking area (cm) -

By Sensor dry

Senses the moisture in the load and stops the cycle automatically when the selected dryness has been achieved.


By Slices -

By Camera type -

By Suitable for LPG

Suitable for use with Liquid Petroleum Gas.


By Blade length (cm) -

By Blackout -

By Desk height (cm) -

By Material -

By Power output (w)

A higher wattage gives a more powerful and effective mixer.


By Rear roller

rear roller gives the lawn a striped effect.


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By Roof panel material -

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By allergy

The filling fibres are treated to alleviate suffering from conditions such as asthma, and to help with allergies to pollen, dust mites and pets.


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By Hard floor pick up rating -

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By Wash capacity (kg)

The maximum wash load measured in kg.


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By Main oven function -

By Watts -

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By Type of oven -

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By Net fresh food volume (litres)

The storage capacity of the fridge in litres.


By Net fresh food volume (L)

The storage capacity of the fridge in litres.


By Tables in set -

By Height range (cm) -

By Standard width (cm) -

By Dust capacity (litres) -

By Installation included -

By Hob type -

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