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By loaded maps

Defines which areas are covered by the maps that are pre-loaded to the sat nav unit. Pre-loaded maps can usually be updated via the manufacturer's website.


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By Energy efficiency rating

Rated on a scale 'A+ -G', with A+ being the best using the least electricity and saving money.


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By Ceramic coated

Ceramic provides a smooth, glossy, high-shine finish.


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By Watts RMS

This is the average measurement of a speakers output, measured in watts - the higher the better.


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By Accessory type -

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By Megapixels (MP)

1 megapixel (MP) = one million pxiels. The more pixels in an image, the higher its resolution.


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By Variable temperature control

Allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your hair type and minimise damage.


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By Mattress sensor pad

The pad is placed under the cot's mattress to detect subtle movement and will give warning with baby's breathing.


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By Ionic conditioning

Helps to eliminate static and frizz and enhance condition and shine.


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By Spin speed (rpm)

The faster the spin speed, the less drying will be required, ideal for saving energy and time.


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By Power (V)

Higher voltage means more power for tough jobs.


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By Power output (W)

Higher wattage means more power for tough jobs.


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By Operating system

The software that handles the computers basic functions Windows for PCs and Mac for Apple


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By Barrel size (mm)

Choose a small barrel for tight, small curls and a bigger barrel for loose, glamorous waves.


By Rear roller

rear roller gives the lawn a striped effect.


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By Frame material

Alloy (aluminium) frames are made from a lighter weight material and are more aerodynamic, helping you go faster. Steel frames are heavier but also harder wearing.


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By Wash capacity (kg)

The maximum wash load measured in kg.


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By Smart TV

Smart TV allows you to connect to the internet enabling you to browse the web, access video content as well as log on to social networking sites.


By SPF factor

Indicates the level of protection, from low (6-14) to very high (50+).


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By Watts

The higher the wattage, the more heat the styler produces to dry hair.


By Screen size (in)

A larger screen size makes it easier to frame and view your photos.


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