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The faster the spin speed, the less drying will be required, ideal for saving energy and time.


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The maximum wash load measured in kg.


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The maximum drying load measured in kg.


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Senses the moisture in the load and stops the cycle automatically when the selected dryness has been achieved.


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Rated on a scale 'A+ -G', with A+ being the best using the least electricity and saving money.


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172 matching products


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Has the rain ruined your washing one to many times? Dry in double-quick time with a convenient tumble dryer. We stock all the best brands, so whether you are looking for a Hotpoint tumble dryer or an Indesit tumble dryer, we have the latest tumble drying technology.

Whether your home is better suited to a condenser tumble dryer or a vented tumbledryer, or whether you need a freestanding one or want to have it built-in, with quick spins, great prices and the best brands, you're sure to find something that'll look lovely and half your laundry load!

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