Time to get fit in 2014 with Argos

It's time to get fit


Use the TV to tone up

Pop in one of the great 10 Minute Solution range of DVDs. Work on your wobbly bits with Tone Trouble Zones or kick-start your day with Ultimate Boot Camp. You'll be done before your other half is even half way through their shower.


Space out your workout

Experts recommend we do 150minutes of activity a week to stay healthy, but this doesn't have to be all at once. In fact, breaking it down into 10 minute chunks spread out during the day, throughout the week, is much easier to achieve. Get out in the fresh air for a brisk walk this lunchtime, then tick one of those 10 minute slots off your To Do list.


Short, sharp and sweaty!

Fit in a superfast workout before dinner. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the latest fitness trend, and means exercising hard for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds. Set a timer for eight minutes, then do this mini circuit twice through, following the 20-10 rule: jumping jacks, press-ups, sit-ups, lunges, plank, high knees, tricep dips, squats, and side plank. Add in some stretches to cool down and you're done.


Burn fat before breakfast

Head outside for a run or jump on a bike before breakfast. Studies show exercising on an empty stomach can help you burn up to 20% more fat than if you fuel up before a fitness session. It won't increase your appetite either. Why not put down the toast this morning and pull on your trainers instead.


Keep fit as a family

Get your kids involved in a fun fitness session. Skipping, football, or a game of tag will all burn calories while you get to spend quality time together. We love this Davina Hula Hoop for extra tummy toning benefits while the kids can use their own versions. Who can keep going the longest?!


Aqua-tastic activities

Dig out your cozzie and hit the local pool for half an hour. Swimming is great if you're getting back into exercise, as it's easier on the joints and the water adds resistance, increasing the muscle toning effects. Try an aqua-aerobics class to take it up a level when you feel ready.


Stretch yourself fit

Ease yourself into the day with an hour-long yoga workout. Try a yoga DVD for some instructional exercises you can follow, or decide on your own postures, then roll out your mat and go for it. Some sun salutations and a proper stretch are just what you need before spending all day in an office chair. It could also be the only time you get to yourself, so enjoy it!


Shimmy the pounds off

An hour of dancing can burn some serious calories and you'll be using muscles you never knew existed. Get a work colleague to dip their toe into tap dancing with you, or ask your partner to sign up for samba.


Create your own gym

Spending an hour at the gym often involves waiting for the machine you want to be free but a home gym means you can get the most out of a 60-minute session. Invest in some decent equipment, like a treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike, plus some smaller bits of kit such as dymbbells or a gym ball, then create a total body training plan in the comfort of your own home. The queue for the shower should be a lot shorter too...

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