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How to tidy up your garden for autumn

The colours of autumn are beautiful, but falling leaves and wintery weather are going to create a bit of mess in your garden.

Autumn starts officially on 28 September in the UK. Make sure you're ready for the big clean up and clear away.

Clear leaves and branches

The obvious consequence of the changing weather is leaves and branches falling on your lawn.

That won't just make it look untidy, it blocks your lawn from sunlight. And during the winter months, your grass needs all the light it can get!

A leaf vac or blower is a fast, easy way to gather debris. And a good old garden rake is good for gathering the bits together.

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Make some mulch

Garden waste may be a nuisance, but you can put it to good use. Giving your garden beds a layer of mulch protects them against the cold and helps preserve any moisture through the winter months.

Using a garden shredder is the easiest way to break waste down before spreading it over your plants.

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Make space in your shed

Barbecues, garden furniture, garden tools - they can all get damaged in wet, cold or windy weather. A shed is the obvious place to tidy these items away for safe keeping.

Sheds come in a variety of sizes and different materials. Wooden sheds tend to be most attractive, but they're not necessarily the most practical for moving things in and out.

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Choose some extra garden storage

Sheds can only hold so much. Once you add some garden furniture and your lawnmower, there may not be much space left.

A variety of garden storage is available to give you extra storage. You can also find designs created especially for storing bikes or tools.

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Cover and protect your furniture

If you're keeping your garden furniture outdoors during the cold months, make sure you use a furniture cover.

It's not just about keeping it dry. Moisture can freeze, causing damage, and it will encourage moss to grow.

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