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Artists Explore Tablets
for Illustration &
Graphic Design

Argos teamed up with Inkygoodness, champions of all things creative, to invite three illustrators and graphic artists to test popular tablets in a campaign called #MyTabletandMe. Find out how the iPad with retina display, Samsung Galaxy tablet and Nexus 7 fared as part of the design process and which apps our creatives recommend.

Watch the mini documentary

The three artists created this mini documentary to show how they go about their work and how using the tablets helped in their design process.

Using the Samsung Galaxy tablet for graphic design
Samsung Galaxy tablet/££/Android

Alex Fowkes Freelance graphic designer

Meet the Artist

Alex Fowkes is a freelance graphic designer, living in London. He travels all over Europe designing typographic murals and installations for clients including Urban Outfitters, Empire, Sony Music and The O2.

How Alex Used the Tablet

  • Showcasing ideas and works in progress to clients
  • Taking photos of inspiring objects
  • Social media
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Apps Tried & Tested

  • Diary and calendar apps
  • Projector link up app
  • Facebook
  • Twitter and Instagram
  • WordPress


Alex found the tablet most useful for organising his time and for presenting client work.

He made the most of the Samsung Galaxy tablets small size and portability to showcase his work by easily linking the tablet to a projector during client presentations. He also found the ease of access to social media a big plus for this versatile tablet, keeping up with other creatives on Twitter and Instagram. Being able to update his blog on the go with WordPress was also a bonus.

Read more about Alex's experience here

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Using an iPad for illustration & animation iPad with retina display/£££/Apple iOS

Kristyna Baczynski Illustrator, designer & comic artist

Meet the Artist

Illustrator, designer and comic book artist Kristyna Baczynski designs characters and illustrations for brands including, Chipotle, the Royal Shakespeare Company, Anorak and Pizza Express. She lives and works in Yorkshire.

How Kristyna Used the Tablet

  • Managing online shop orders and postage
  • Checking emails and sending work to clients
  • Taking photos of her drawings to quickly create a digital version, so she could add colour and begin digital composition
  • Scripting and layouts for comics
  • Making digital colour palettes
  • Creating quick animations
  • Uploading designs to social media
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Apps Tried & Tested

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Etsy
  • Website management app


Kristyna was impressed with how the iPad with retina display bridged the gap between paper drawings and working on the computer. It provided a quick and simple way to experiment with animation and is a useful tool for creating colour palettes. Another great use of the iPad was sharing work in progress designs on social media for instant inspiration from other creatives.

Read more about Kristyna's experience here

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Using the Google Nexus 7 for illustration Google Nexus 7/££/Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Andrew Groves Illustrator & craft maker

Meet the Artist

Andrew Groves, a hands-on artist, creates images and crafts objects for clients and personal projects. He calls a quiet woodland barn home and gets inspiration from his natural surroundings.

How Andrew Used the Tablet

  • Drawing and sketching while out in the woods
  • Experimenting with using a stylus for greater detail in his drawings
  • Exploring a new way of drawing less accurately and more freely, leading to a more relaxed way of creating images
  • Checking emails and keeping in touch on social media
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Apps Tried & Tested

  • Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Bamboo Paper
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter


The Nexus 7 tablet quickly became part of every aspect of Andrew's day, from work and keeping up with emails to social media. His illustrative work benefitted from a more 'fast and loose' freestyle approach caused by the physical difference of using his fingers or a stylus to draw on the tablet screen, compared to the way he draws using his computer. Andrew could easily experiment with layering images using the apps, which he thought was a great experience.

Read more about Andrew's experience here

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