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Surviving this
summer's football

Are you dreading this summer's big kick off? Is your other half obsessed and eagerly anticipating every game or are you more of a rugby fan? Our guide to surviving this summer's football tournament will provide you with plenty of ideas on how to make it through the event.

1. Block out the football chants

If you're looking to block out everything football this summer, then a pair of noise-cancelling earphones will do the job. These headphones let you easily switch between your favourite music and programmes and what's going on around you, so you can relax on the sofa while screams of joy (and dismay) are happening next to you.

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2. Get away from it all

If it all gets too much, then head off for a couple of days to a relaxing spa break. Unwind and de-stress with soothing treatments while the football is on the TV at home. With a number of locations across the UK to choose from, you can travel as far away from the football as you want to!

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3. Lose yourself in a good book

With a month of football ahead of you, make sure you're prepared with a couple of good reads. An E-reader or Kindle is a great space-saving option. They can hold thousands of books, which should just about keep you going through the whole of June.

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4. Turn each game into a social gathering

You know what they say, if you can't beat them, join them. Why not theme each game get-together around one of the countries playing? You could even combine both if you're feeling adventurous! Ask each guest to arrive dressed-up in something associated with that country, prepare themed food and drinks and play some pre-match games to get the party going.

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5. Enjoy some pamper time at home

Lock yourself away for a couple of hours in the evening and spoil yourself with some genuine 'me' time. Run a hot bath, put on a face mask, paint your nails and unwind. Let the other half get all worked up over the score while you're in a deep state of relaxation.

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6. Indulge in your favourite series

If you've got another TV in your home, then why not take full advantage and hide away with a couple of episodes of your favourite series or movie. Smart boxes are a great option, they connect your TV to the internet giving you access to millions of films and episodes whenever you like.

You could even watch from your tablet, laptop or phone whilst the football is on in the background. With a mobile USB stick or flash drive you can download all of your movies straight from your computer to your mobile or tablet without an internet connection.

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7. Start a sweepstake

With friends or work colleagues, get everyone invested in this summer's football tournament with a sweepstake. Nothing like the thought of winning a little pot of money to get even the biggest non-supporters excited.

If all else fails and you can't escape, just remember if the other team scores then it's offside, the referee is always wrong and to never, ever say "It's only a game."

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