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Refrigeration Buying guide

February 2015 It's a big purchase with so many options to choose from, so let us help you pick the perfect appliance for you. We have a huge range of the latest fridges and freezers to suit every kitchen space. Integrated or freestanding, big or small, keep your cool with our guide to helping you make the right choice.

Things to consider before you buy a new fridge or freezer

How to measure up for a new fridge or freezer

To be sure an appliance is the best fit for your space, you will need to measure the height, width and depth.

Whether freestanding, under counter or built in, all fridges and freezers need a little space around the appliance in order to provide optimum performance. Our handy guide to measuring for a new fridge or freezer will take you through all you need to know.

Left or right hand opening?

The layout of your kitchen may mean you need a left or right hand opening door for easy access. Look out for appliances with reversible doors that can be changed according to what suits you.

Integrated or freestanding?

Integrated appliances are hidden away behind doors and give a seamless look to your kitchen. If you prefer to make a feature of your appliance or like to know you can move it elsewhere in the future, consider the look you want from our freestanding range.

Colour and style

Kitchens are no longer just a functional space; they're now very much a part of the home. Appliances reflect this trend and are available in a range of colours and styles for every household. If you want a vibrant retro theme then a popular option is an American style fridge freezer. For those who prefer a modern look, stainless steel appliances look great, or if you'd rather keep things classic, you'll be able to find the right appliance online from our extensive range.

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Getting it into your home

It is always worth measuring doorways and any other points of entry that your appliance will need to fit through. Check for narrow hallways and stairs - some American fridge freezers are particularly large and may prove tricky to fit through tight spaces.


Before measuring up, you need to think about ventilation. Whether freestanding, under counter or built in, all fridges and freezers need a little space around the appliance in order to provide optimum performance. As a rule, allow a 5cm gap at the back and a 2cm gap around the sides so you know air can circulate and the appliance won't overheat.

Outside storage

When you need additional storage, it can be a great idea to keep an appliance in an outbuilding such as a garage. Freezers are the most popular choice for this as you can store a lot more food out of the way. Most freezers are designed to be stored at temperatures between +10°C up to +40°C. Temperatures below this range can cause the appliance to malfunction or stop working altogether. Some brands now produce appliances built to handle more extreme temperatures so look out for information advising they are suitable for outbuildings.

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Ice and water dispensers

For some fridge freezers with water or ice dispensers you will need to attach the appliance to a mains water supply - this is referred to as plumbed. This gives you a constant supply of water 'on tap'. You will need to make sure the appliance is within 2 metres of your water supply - any further and a plumber will be needed as this makes for a bigger job to connect.

The bonus of non-plumbed is that you can situate the appliance without worrying about connections, providing there is a plug socket within reach. You will need to manually top up the dispenser to keep a supply of water available.

What is the best type of appliance for me?

Fridge Freezers are the most popular choice as they combine a fridge and a freezer into one appliance. You can be sure to find what you want from our huge range of styles and colours to suit all tastes and budgets.

Fridge Freezer

Perfect for anyone who wants a fridge and freezer without using too much floor space, they’re available in splits of 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30. A fridge freezer with a 70% fridge compartment and 30% freezer is ideal for families that use plenty of fresh produce and need enough freezer space for the essentials.

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  • Fill your freezer! A full freezer is more economical to run. With less room for air to circulate, the appliance will use less power so keep it stocked as much as possible.

  • Freezer burn can dull the colour and flavour of your food so to prevent it make sure you package your food excluding as much air as possible.

  • Chewing gum stuck on your clothes? Pop the clothing in the freezer- the gum will freeze and will be much easier to remove.

American Fridge Freezer (Side by side)

When you need a lot of space, American style fridge freezers are great as they provide ample storage for fresh and frozen food. Built in features such as water coolers and ice dispensers give you refreshing drinks at the touch of a button.

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Fridges are available in all shapes and sizes to suit every kind of kitchen space. Whether you need lots of space for fresh food or want a fridge to tuck away under the counter, we have it. Look out for built in ice boxes to help you store a few frozen essentials.

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  • Allow air to circulate around your fridge so it can keep the temperature cool and consistent.

Tall upright larder fridge

Ideal for storing large amounts of fresh food (some also include a small ice box). The large capacity will fit a family's weekly shop, with space to boot.

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Under counter fridge

When you want to conserve worktop space, an under counter fridge is the perfect option. Great for smaller households.

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Mini fridge

Ideal if you need to store minimal fresh produce or use it as a beer fridge. These compact units will fit the essentials and fit neatly on your tabletop.

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Wine chiller

If you're big on entertaining or a bit of a wine buff you'll want one of these. Designed with style in mind, the glass door lets you showcase your favourite tipples.

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  • If you need to chill wine fast, wrap a damp dish cloth around the bottle and pop it in the freezer. The cloth conducts the cold faster and is more efficient as it covers the whole bottle surface.


Freezers are available in an upright or chest style to suit your needs. Great for additional storage and anyone working to a budget, freezers allow you to preserve food as well as prep and store meals to save time and money.

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Tall upright freezer

Store large amounts of frozen food without taking up a large amount of floor space. The freezer drawers in tall freezers make accessing your frozen food easy.

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Chest Freezer

Ideal for families and keen cooks, chest freezers are available in many different sizes. When your standard freezer just isn't enough, chest freezers give you a huge amount of space to store frozen food.

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Mini freezer

Perfect for storing a few frozen essentials, tabletop mini freezers use minimal space and are easily accessible sat on a kitchen counter.

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Under counter freezer

Great to tuck away in a utility room when you need more frozen storage space. Under counter freezers are perfect if you don't want to take up valuable worktop space.

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Key features

Frost free and auto defrost technology

Appliances with 'frost free technology' circulate air around the interior of the freezer to stop ice building up, meaning you'll never need to defrost the freezer.

Many fridges come with an 'auto defrost' function. This stops the build-up of ice at the back of the fridge by intermittently warming the ice so it can drain cleanly. A clever function as it does all of this without affecting the performance of the fridge or the preservation of your food.

Food freshness

Chiller zones have a separate area that stores food at 0°C to keep it fresher for longer. Antibacterial coatings ensure internal surfaces are pre-treated to reduce odours and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Fast chill, fast freeze

Fast freeze or fast chill compartments are able to freeze or chill items quicker and ensure food is kept fresh for longer.

Energy rating

The energy rating is particularly important for fridges and freezers as they are on all the time. The energy rating shows how efficient the appliance is, factoring in considerations such as noise, capacity and running costs. A++ and A+++ are both very high energy ratings, which means they are the most efficient to run.

To find out more about eco-friendly and energy efficient appliances and how you can save energy, check out our Eco guide.


Features worth looking out for include open door alerts which sound an alarm if a door is left open for too long. Holiday setting mode ensures food is stored at a steady temperature when the door won't be opened for a long period of time.

Argos services

Home delivery

We will deliver your new appliance at a time to suit you. So sit back, relax, and let us sort it. We have a range of delivery services to choose from that factor in the type of products you order and also your address.

Free standard delivery

See all our refrigerators available with free standard delivery here

Delivery and installation

Usually within 5-7 working days. We will deliver and install your new appliance so it's ready for you to use. This also includes removing all packaging, as well as taking away and recycling any old kitchen appliance. All you need to do is ensure your old appliance is disconnected prior to delivery.

Collect in-store today

If you just can't wait, why not pop in and see us. We have a range of products available to take away today.

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Our recycle service will take away your old appliance when we deliver the new one. Just remember:

  1. The delivery of a product is subject to health and safety or risk of damage to your home - for example, if you live up several flights of stairs in a building with no lift, you should consider this.
  2. The take back policy is like-for-like - so if you order a fridge freezer, we won't be able to take away a fridge and a freezer or a side by side fridge freezer if you've ordered a regular sized fridge freezer.
  3. Old items which are being taken away must be disconnected, empty and dry.
  • Hold off on the food shop! You will need to allow around 4 hours for your fridge to stand once it has arrived before turning it on.

Don't forget

Buy now pay later

Buy now, pay 12 months later.
When you spend £299.99 or more on any large kitchen appliance you can pay 12 months later on an Argos Card.

Representative 29.9% APR variable


We offer Breakdown Care for up to 2, 3 or 4 years, depending on the item's manufacturer's guarantee. We will tell you what plan is available when you buy an item from us either in-store, over the phone or online.

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Still not sure what to go for? Watch our video for an overview of the key features and see if it helps to make up your mind:

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