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Protect yourself on the move with your own independent witness from Nextbase, the UK's leading Dash Cam brand.

What is a Dash Cam?

A Dash Cam is a windscreen mounted in-car camera that records the road whilst you are driving. It can act as an independent witness and prove an accident was not your fault.

Image of Nextbase dash cam vs a competitor model showing difference in quality
Award logos that Nextbase has been awarded

Why purchase a Nextbase Dash Cam?

Nextbase is the UK's best-selling, multi-award winning Dash Cam manufacturer. Recognised for high-quality footage and ease of use .

Superior Video Quality

Most Nextbase Dash Cams have ultra-clear 1080p FULL HD for ultimate image clarity. Using the latest lenses for incredibly sharp images and ultra-wide viewing angles to record every unexpected moment, you will clearly be able to identify number plates, car models and other important information. This gives you piece of mind that you'll be able to capture the best possible video recording for insurers and potential police, to fully understand what happened on the journey.

Driving at Night?

Nextbase Dash Cams capture high quality footage in any light condition, including the dark. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which is found in the latest Nextbase 402G and 512G models, provides superior day and night-time footage by automatically adjusting brightness to ensure detail is captured in all lighting conditions. The 512G is the only Dash Cam in the world to house the Sony Exmor Sensor alongside the unique polarising filter to greatly improve image clarity by reducing glare.

Capture The Evidence

Nextbase recognises the key reason to have an in-car camera - to capture video footage. All of the cameras have a G-Sensor, which identifies sudden or unusual movements as a result of an impact. This then locks and automatically saves video files, so it cannot be accidentally recorded over. With this information being recorded you can also show the G forces involved in an impact, which can be useful to combat fraudulent claims made against you.

Nextbase magnetic click & go mount

Magnetic Click & Go Mount

Nextbase is the world's first Dash Cam with Powered Magnetic Click & Go car mount for easy installation. Simply slide the Nextbase Dash Cam onto the mount, with the aid of the in-built magnets, and off you go. The Dash Cam's power runs through the mount, so there is no need to worry about wires to the Dash Cam. It will automatically turn on when you start your vehicle and turn off when you stop.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi Feature

The Nextbase 312GW and 412GW are the very first Nextbase Dash Cam models to have built-in Wi-Fi. This allows you to instantly view and share footage directly to your smartphone with the Nextbase app. In turn, the app makes it easier to download footage to your smartphone or tablet and share footage with friends, family, an insurance firm or the police.

GPS Speed and Location Logging

Nextbase Dash Cams feature GPS which accurately determines your location throughout a journey. The latest products feature super-fast 10x sensors, meaning the software gathers data 10 times as often as a standard GPS system. This helps record precise location, speed data and tracks your journey on Googlemaps, proving exactly where an accident occurred.

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