See in a healthy and fit new year with Argos

Get fit for life

Tone up and trim down with our easy ways to shape up.

Did you know our most popular health promises are to do more exercise, lose weight or eat more healthily? But actually sticking to them can be tricky. This year, we've found the smallest resolutions that have the biggest impact, plus some easy tips on making sure those lifestyle changes last.

Become a real smoothie

Eating more fruit and veg is often a challenge, but smoothies can help you hit your five-a-day target. Smoothies contain up to two portions of fruit or veggies, and are a great way of getting your kids to eat more healthily too.

Don't shop hungry

Hitting the supermarket with a rumbling tum is a bad idea – scientists say we're more likely to put expensive junk food like crisps and chocolate in the trolley if we go shopping on an empty stomach. Snack on something healthy like a banana before doing the weekly shop to save money and calories.

Eat more

Losing weight doesn't mean missing meals; in fact, we should be eating five times a day. A new study published in the Journal of Obesity found eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, with two snacks in between could help keep your weight at a healthy level. What's for elevenses?

Drink more water

Make sure you're getting enough H2O. Dehydration can cause muscle cramps when you exercise and it affects your concentration too, making it even harder to follow that new dance routine!

Be successful inside and out

Getting healthy isn't just about slimming down; measuring your body fat is a great way to see your new regime working. Take regular body fat readings, then tweak your diet or exercise plan if you need to. Watching your body fat come down is so inspiring, even if it doesn't feel like you're losing weight.

It takes two

A problem shared is a problem halved, and getting healthy is no different. Ask a friend to join a new dance class with you, or agree to shift the pounds together, and your chances of success increase. You can gossip over the dumbbells too...

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