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Native Earth

Inspired by the natural beauty of the New Mexican desert, the Native Earth trend has a rustic, care-free vibe. Filled with warm russet hues, rich woods and soft blues, this eclectic look is made for autumn.

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Natural Tans

Nail the natural style of this trend with rich dark woods and warm weathered leathers. Fresh green plants provide a pop of colour against this beautifully brunette backdrop.

Eclectic chevron shapes make a striking visual impact.

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Must Tribe Harder

Deck out your dorm with tribal-inspired textiles. Use rough woven fabrics and primitive-style patterns to create a calming feel.

Easy-going blues combine with energetic prints for a fresh and relaxing contrast.

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Feel the warmth

If you're warming up your look for winter, then texture is a must. Rich, grainy woods and layered cotton towels create an earthy kind of cosiness. It's like a hug from Mother Nature.

The handmade, homespun style of a wicker basket will instantly add texture to your room.

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