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Men's shavers buying guide

Having trouble finding the best electric shaver for you? Let our handy guide take you through all the important things you need to consider.

Rotary v foil shavers

The big electric razor choice. Neither is better - the best electric shaver for you depends on what you find most comfortable.

Foil blades

These use moving blades covered by a sheet of foil. They shave closer, but the long flat head doesn't move so easily over the contours of your face.

Great for:

  • Fine hair/lighter hair
  • Sensitive skin
  • Straight hair
  • Shaving every day
  • Cleaning quickly
Remington foil shaver

Rotary blades

These use 3 heads, with spinning discs that cut hair. Each head flexes and travels more easily over your face's contours, but won't shave quite as close.

Great for:

  • Thicker hair
  • Normal skin
  • Curly or wavy hair
  • Quieter shaving
  • Shaving every other day
Philips AquaTouch rotary shaver

Wet shave or dry shave?

Dry shavers can be used anywhere at any time. They're great for use on the go, but they can be tough on sensitive skin.

Philips PowerTouch Dry Shaver

Wet and dry shavers are completely or partly waterproof. You can use them with shaving gel or foam for a closer shave and more protection for sensitive skin. Many can be used in the shower.

Panasonic shaver for wet & dry use

Cordless, mains-powered or battery?

Cordless shavers are the most common and most convenient. When choosing check battery life and recharging times. Some boast a quick-charge function, which gives you the power for one fast shave if you forget to charge it.

Philips Essentials cordless shaver

Mains-powered (corded) shavers tend to be low cost options. Be mindful of where your closest mains sockets are to your bathroom, as cords may not be very long.

Philips Essentials corded shaver

Battery-powered shavers are usually designed for travel and occasional use only.

Cleaning your shaver

Most men's shavers will come with a cleaning brush. A non-washable shaver can only be cleaned using a brush or a dry cloth.

Fully washable shavers can be rinsed under a tap. (Not all washable shavers are wet shavers however).

Some shavers have a washable head that can be detached and rinsed under a tap.

A self-cleaning shaver will clean itself while on charge. This will sanitise the head, but it won't remove any trapped hair.

Extra features

Beard/sideburn/moustache trimmer

Many electric razors include an additional trimmer, either built-in or as an attachment, that will help you to trim and style facial hair.

Travel lock

This prevents a shaver from accidentally being turned on when it's being carried.


This keeps the shaver's blades lubricated and moving smoothly, keeping them working at peak performance.

Essential accessories

Nose & ear trimmers

These are ideal for tackling unwanted hair in awkard places.

Remington Hygiene trimmer

Hair clippers

For men with very short hair, these are much quicker than a trip to the barbers.

Philips hair clipper with DualCut technology

Grooming kits

These include everything you need to cut, trim and tidy hair across the head, face and body.

Remington all-in-one grooming kit Shop all grooming kits

Delivery and collection

If you've settled on which type of men's shaver to buy, then you're ready to shop. Still not quite sure? Our Customer Services team will be happy to give you more information and advice.

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