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Which mattress is best?

Having restless nights? Your current mattress may be the culprit. Choosing the right mattress can lead to better quality sleep - read on to find the best type for your snoozing style.

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How firm should your mattress be?

One of the main decisions to make is how soft or firm you would like the mattress to be - we offer 4 levels of mattress firmness. Your preferred sleep position and any ailments can indicate the level of firmness you should choose. We'll go through the different levels and some pointers on choosing the right style.


We recommend: Medium-soft mattresses

Softer mattresses let your body sink into them, contouring around your hip, shoulder and arm while you sleep.

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We recommend: Medium mattresses

You'll find most firmness levels comfortable as your weight is evenly distributed on your back - but medium is a safe bet.

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We recommend: Medium-firm & firm mattresses

A firmer mattress will prevent your hips from sinking lower than your shoulders, keeping your spine better aligned.

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Weight is a factor

As a general rule of thumb, the heavier you are the firmer your mattress should be to give the support you need while you sleep.

Sharing with a partner?

Trying to find a mattress that suits two sleeping styles can be a challenge. A safe bet would be a medium firmness with a memory foam, latex or gel topper that contours to each body. Avoid open coil styles.

Suffer with back pain?

Firmer mattresses usually offer the most comfort. Orthopaedic mattresses are designed with this in mind and offer zoned support to pressure points when you lie on your back to minimise aches and pains.

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Different types of mattress

In its most basic terms, there are 3 main types of mattress construction;

Sprung mattresses - Made with springs. Includes Coiled and Pocket Sprung mattresses.

Non-sprung mattresses - Made with a filling. Includes Memory Foam mattresses.

Combination mattresses - Made with a mix of springs and fillings. The top layer can include Memory foam, Latex or Geltex.

They differ in support level, durability and cost but all can offer a comfortable sleep. To help you choose, here are the main benefits and considerations for each;

Sprung mattresses

Made with springs. We'll take you through Open coil, Continuous coil and Pocket Sprung mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses Shop pocket sprung mattresses

A pocket sprung design has springs woven into individual pockets.

    They're great for:

  • Provides more support than coiled mattresses
  • Supports partners of different sizes and weights
  • You won't role into the middle

    On the flip side:

  • They're heavier and harder to turn
  • They may contain natural materials that may agitate allergies

What is spring count? e.g. 1000 or 2000, refers to the number of springs. Generally more springs equal more support (but also more expense). We recommend not looking lower that a spring count of 800.

Open coil mattresses Shop open coil mattresses

The classic sprung mattress. Springs are joined together by a coiled wire which spreads your weight across the surface.

    They're great for:

  • Smart value choice
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move and turn

    On the flip side:

  • You may feel your partner moving if you share
  • You may roll towards the middle
  • Can be less supportive than other styles

Continuous coil mattresses Shop continuous coil mattresses

A blue, black and white handheld clothes steamer.

Made from one single continuous wire, with each spring drawing support from the one next to it.

    They're great for:

  • More stability and durability than open coil
  • More support in the centre
  • Orthopaedic benefits for the lower back

    On the flip side:

  • You may feel a partner moving (less so than open coil)
  • You may roll towards the middle (less so than open coil)

Non sprung mattresses

Made with a filling. Let's talk Memory Foam mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses Shop memory foam mattresses

Made from a block of foam with a memory foam outer layer. It distinctively responds to your weight.

    They're great for:

  • More support for your body
  • Relieves pressure on your joints
  • Won't need turning
  • They're hypoallergenic

    On the flip side:

  • Tend to be warm
  • Not everyone likes the sinking sensation, but most people get used to it
  • Heavier and harder to move

Combination mattresses

Made with a filling. Let's talk Memory Foam mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses Shop combination mattresses

These offer some of the comfort and support features of filled mattresses, but are lighter, won't need turning and are often less expensive than fully filled mattresses.

Memory foam topped mattresses

Memory foam topped mattresses have a layer of temperature-sensitive foam that moulds to the shape of your body while you sleep. It's popular for its great support and ability to relive pressure on joints.

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Latex topped mattresses

Similar in feel to memory foam, latex mattresses also mould around your body. In fact they are considered more responsive than memory foam and a more breathable alternative.

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Geltex topped mattresses

A newer innovation to the mattress market, the top layer is filled with a gel which has a similar feel to memory foam mattresses. The benefit of gel is its cooling properties - so it's a great option if you get hot in bed.

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Mattress sizes

All our bed and mattress sizes match up - a double mattress will always fit a double bed. But if you're buying for an older bed, there's a chance they might not. Double-check the measurements with our chart.

Other considerations

A few extra hints and tips for finding the right mattress.

Sleep trials

Depending on the brand, we offer 90 day, 100 day and 101 day trials on selected mattresses. This lets you test drive the mattress to see if it suits your sleep style. See individual product's description for details.

Do you suffer from allergies?

Sniffles can worsen at night as dust mites trigger an allergic reaction. Specially designed hypoallergenic mattresses or non-sprung mattresses are considered best for allergy sufferers.

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Highest rated & reviewed

Don't just take our word for it - see what other sleepy head customers make of our big brand mattresses.

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Find out more about from big mattress names.

Getting it home

Services and advice on getting your new mattress home.

Recycle your old mattress

For just £19.99, we can take away your old mattress when we deliver your new one. We'll send you a recycling bag to place over it before we take it away and dispose of it responsibly.

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Rolled mattresses

Some mattresses are compressed, rolled and packaged, so you can easily take them home from a store. They return to their original size and shape once opened.

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In a hurry?

Most of our mattresses are available with standard delivery within 5 days. If you need it quick check out our mattresses available with same day Fast Track delivery.

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