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”There are loads of lightweight strollers out there, but most of them have really complicated umbrella folds that slow you down. The Armadillo City lets mums and dads choose a smaller, lighter option, without sacrifi cing on wriggle room or ease. The City has one of the smallest footprints out there, so it's even easier to squeeze in and out of all your favourite destinations. And then when you're finished you can fold it away with one hand in no time - 3 seconds in fact.“

features & benefits

Wriggle room

Big seat designed to let them stretch.

The Armadillo offers lots of space for your child to travel in comfort.
The Armadillo City is ultra compact for easy storeage.

Ultra compact

Unlike long umbrella folds, it's ultra-compact so much easier to handle and store.

Easy fold

The Armadillo is easy to fold.

Easy Fold - Unique one handed inward fold that keeps fabrics clean.

Smooth rider

The Armadillo is easy to manouvure.

Smooth Rider - Easy to manoeuvre wheels with front & rear suspension.

XL Canopy

The Armadillo comes with an XL Canopy to provide protection from the weather.

XL Canopy with UPF 50+ gives great weather protection.

Bags of space

The Armadillo City has lots of space for baby and storeage.

Bags of Space - Lots of shopping bag room for you.

Full recline

The Armadillo City features a full recline.

Full recline for long leisurely naps.


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