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Cabin Luggage and
Hold Bags

For those special short breaks you need luggage that's easy to get from A to B.

Cabin Luggage

Find the ideal hand luggage to take with you on your flight. You'll need to make sure it meets the restrictions of the airline you are flying with and also consider whether you want a case that can fit under your seat for quick access.

Hold Luggage

Find a case to store in the hold – keeping everything you need for your trip safe and secure and waiting for you when you land. The size you need will depend on how long you're going for and how many people are going.


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Children's luggage

Travelling with children can be stressful, but you can take away some of the hassle by choosing luggage that they'll love. Luggage designed specifically for children can help your little ones beat the boredom of travelling.

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Luggage sets

Get all the luggage you need with a set of cases or bags. The perfect choice if you're going away as a group, with family, or have lots of different trips planned.

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Airline Luggage Size Guidelines

Find cabin luggage that meets the guidelines of the airline you are flying with.

Each airline has their own set of guidelines when it comes to cabin luggage. Avoid extra hassle at the airport by finding the cabin bag with the right dimensions to take on your flight.

Small case – Perfect for going in the cabin of a plane for a weekend away.

Medium case – Perfect for a one week holiday.

Large case – Perfect for a fortnight's family holiday.

Extra large case – Perfect for a long haul trip or Cruise.

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Got everything you need before you travel?

Do I want soft or hard sided luggage?

Suitcases mainly come in two types; soft sided and hard sided. Choose luggage that suits your trip and the way you like to travel.

Soft sided cases


Lightweight, strong and versatile, soft sided cases offer the most packing convenience and they are also easier to fit into tight spaces.


Soft sided cases may provide less protection for fragile items.

What are they made of?

Polyester, nylon or a combination of both.

Hard sided cases


Durable, rugged and surprisingly light, hard sided luggage is best for protecting your belongings when you travel.


Hard sided cases are less flexible than soft sided and tend to offer less exterior pockets and extra space.

What are they made of?

Polypropylene (extremely strong), ABS (Lightweight and durable), polycarbonate (durable, but can be heavier) or aluminium.

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Suitcase features

Suitcase security

A TSA (Travel Sentry Approved) lock keeps your luggage secure, but also lets security staff inspect your case, if required, without damage.

Suitcase wheels

More wheels mean better movement and better stability.

Suitcase straps

Straps inside keep your belongings secure and in place for the duration of your journey.

Pockets and compartments

Extra space is ideal for keeping important items and documents safe.

Expandable suitcases

Expandable luggage gives you more space when you need it. Perfect if you're coming home with more than you left with.

Travelling, festivals & camping bags

For cross-continent travels and weekend festivals you'll need the right bag to see you through from start to finish.


Versatility is key when you're travelling. Spacious and easy to get around, they're great for festivals and travelling adventures.


Ideal for shorter trips and every day activities. Keep everything you need close and easy to access. Light and spacious, you can take your essentials with you with ease.

Everyday bags

Make everyday easy, whether you're off to the gym, the shops or to school.

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