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Lucy Quartermaine

Lucy Quartermaine handmade designer jewellery at Argos, your online shop for designer Jewellery.

About Lucy

Lucy Quartermaine is an award-winning British jewellery designer and silversmith. Inspired by nature, her organic designs are innovative and quirky. As well as appearing regularly in the press, her designs are in demand as far away as Brazil and New Zealand.

My interest in jewellery began as a child growing up in Cheshire, where I would watch my grandmother designing her own pieces of jewellery. I actually created my first collection during my 'A' Levels, and after school I completed a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery Design before setting up LucyQ Designs.

I have won several awards for my designs - most recently the British Jewellers's Association award for 'Best of the Best' at the Jewellery Show in February 2013. I'm delighted to be offering this collection exclusively for Argos customers, and hope you enjoy discovering Lucy Quartermaine.

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Dainty Drip Collection

My material of choice is silver - I love its purity, how it catches the light and enhances every detail so that the designs have to be flawless. My Dainty Drip collection has something for all occasions - from gorgeously subtle through to a more dramatic statement.

My Awards

UK Jewellery Award 2013 - Finalist

British Jewellery Awards 2012 - Winner

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