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Jian Designs

About me

My grandfather was a rich cotton merchant in Shanghai and as a young child I was brought up by my grandmother who had lots of jewellery and gold and silver coins. I was often allowed to play with these, and I knew that someday I would design my own jewellery.

I like to push the boundaries of jewellery design by mixing up high end innovation and craftsmanship along with a broad range of materials. After 5 years of work on the Stardust collection, it is just so mesmerising to watch the gemstones move freely, catching the light and sparkling at every chance they get.

Argos knows everyone requires something special and this collection definitely has that wow factor about it. I hope you enjoy it!

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The Stardust Collection

An award-winning collection of innovatively designed luxury gem set jewellery. Beautiful free-floating jewels continually sparkle and dance within a clear liquid filled sapphire dome, to create stunning rings and a necklace.

My Awards

International Jewellery London. Editor's Choice - Winner 2011 Technical Excellence Award

All Jian's jewellery comes in this beautiful gift box

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