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Jessica Flinn

Jessica Flinn handmade designer jewellery at Argos, your online shop for designer Jewellery.

About me

Since I discovered my passion for Jewellery in University, my work has been influenced by many personal experiences. The Lace Collection was created after sourcing lots of different pieces of traditional and modern lace from around the world. I see patterns everywhere and I like to draw attention to things we'd normally miss.

This collection has been created using a technique inspired by the traditions of Sheffield's world famous steel industry. I hope that Argos customers will love my designs but will also love the fact that all my pieces are made in the UK by British people at the heart of traditional British industry.

My team and I have taken care and attention of each and every piece of our jewellery. We hope you find them the perfect statement pieces to finish off a gorgeous look.

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The Lace Collection

Designed by Jessica Flinn from her studio in Sheffield, the highly polished steel Cretian knotted lace pattern glitters in the gaps between the marked patterns, making for a strikingly beautiful range.

The Mosaics Collection

A stunning collection made with Sterling Silver Mosaic designs.

All Jessica's jewellery comes in this beautiful gift box

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