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Burkmar Jewellery

About us

As my father deals in antique jade, I grew up in Taiwan surrounded by many beautiful items. It was coming to England to study jewellery design in the 1990's that enabled me to bring the designs of my imagination to real items of jewellery for the first time.

Since I met my husband, a traditionally trained jeweller, in 2002 we have been creating unique and distinctive jewellery. From our studio in Leigh On Sea, we have designed this collection of beautiful pieces with a contemporary touch, crafted from anodised aluminium.

We have won many prestigious awards for our work and have supplied many individual galleries around the country but now, for the first time, Argos allows us the exciting opportunity to display our work to a national audience.

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The Chilli Collection

Aluminium is pre-anodised and then hand painted or printed in an array of beautiful colours. Each piece of jewellery is cut and formed by hand to create a unique collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Burkmar Collections

Planished Hearts; Solid silver hearts on a textured background Venus Buds; Hand made entwined silver

The Shell Collection

These delicate jewellery pieces are hand made in Leigh On Sea using a very high silver content. They individually go through a process known as "White Cooking" and are then part burnished to achieve their unique effect. Light yet very strong to wear these white/silver colours can be worn with anything all year round

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