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Take relaxation to a luxurious new level

At home hot tubs have become hugely popular, with many enjoying their bubbly benefits all year round – so what's stopping you?

Explore our selection of fantastic hot tubs and inflatable spas, and our top picks for family fun, entertaining with friends and spa-style relaxation.

Hot tubs for every occasion

Friends enjoying bubbling hot tub, with pink mood lighting.

Entertain in style

Simple, stylish and soothing. An inflatable hot tub is easy to set up and offers an affordable entry route into an at-home hot tub or spa.

This Lay-Z spa inflatable tub will be an impressive addition to any celebration. Heaters keep your guests warm while multi-coloured LED lights add fun flair to an evening's entertainment – cocktail anyone?

Paris Lay-Z spa

Endless family fun

Ready any time, rigid hot tubs are ideal for year-round bubbles and offer stability and style. Look out for impressive extras like waterfall features and Bluetooth sound systems.

With a powerful air jet, you and your whole family can enjoy comforting, warming relaxation in this inflatable Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa.

Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa
Family enjoying Canadian Spa Company Swift Current spa on a balcony.
Couple enjoying the spa in a leafy garden.

Relax and rejuvenate

Hot tubs and spas are a great way to relax, unwind and soothe away any tension. Powerful jets and the warmth of the water give you the option of an at-home massage, anytime!

The Bali Lazy Spa uses 81 air jets and a 40°C rapid heating system to give you a soothing, invigorating massage experience.

Lazy Z Spa Bali
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Looking after your spa

Hot tub installation and maintenance is easier than you might think.
Take a look at these tips for setting up and cleaning your spa.

  • The water in your tub will usually take between 10-12 hours to heat up when you first install and switch on.
  • Chemical starter kits give you the chemicals and test strips you need to keep the water hygienic and safe. As a guide, the PH levels should fall between 7.0 and 7.6.
  • The estimated running costs of heating your tub are typically £7-£10 per week.
  • Not all spas come with covers so you may need to purchase separately. Match up the measurements for a tight fit that retains heat and keeps debris out.
  • A warm spa is perfect on a crisp cold evening, but if the temperature is set to fall below 4°C, it is safest to drain to avoid water freezing in the pipes or pump.
  • This spa maintenance kit includes a scrubber, brush and net for scooping out any debris and quickly cleaning any grime from the sides of your tub.

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