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Let’s slow down and take a moment to reflect. This trend is stripped back and low key with a subtle Danish direction. We’ve blended the tonal palette with blonde wood and flashes of foliage to create a haven of relaxation.

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Space to Chill

Make more time to enjoy the things you love. A statement chair in an out-of-the-way corner makes the perfect place for quiet weekends reading or listening to music.

Choose two-tone pieces in white and lighter woods to nail this organic trend.

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Make time to eat

Set the scene for simple suppers and lazy brunches. A white backdrop plays host to pops of green and grey to bring a bright and breezy balance to the room. Keep it minimal with clean lines and simple shapes.

Marble is back and bigger than ever. Contrast this statement stone with woven, natural textures.

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Pure and Simple

Bedtime, our favourite time of day. Give your drift-off den a breath of fresh air by keeping it understated. Crisp linen, modern pieces with a retro touch and a toned-down palette are all you need.

Lay on the layering but not too much. A chunky throw and textured cushions are just about right.

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