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Top apps you should download today

It's now easier than ever to access a host of useful applications straight from your smartphone or tablet, but with so many apps available how do you know which ones to choose?

From bus timetables to your own personal physiotherapist, we have scoured the app stores for the most helpful and easy-to-use applications for day-to-day life -here are a few of our favourites.

Useful information and advice

What is the difference between iOS, Android and Windows operating systems?

iOS, Android and Windows refer to the type of platform your device supports, and differs depending on the brand of smartphone or tablet you have. Apple iPhones and iPads have iOS operating systems and Nokia phones use a Windows operating system. Android is available on most other devices - just check in the user guide of your device to be sure.

Where do you purchase apps?

Each operating system will have a dedicated app store that you can download apps from. This store can be accessed on your device if you have an internet connection. Alternatively you can download apps on a computer or laptop and transfer them across to your device.

How much do apps cost?

While many apps are free to download to your device, some you will need to pay for. This information will be clearly displayed on the app store before you purchase any apps. Some apps also have a free trial version, so you can try the app out before you buy.

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