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Hotpoint's washer dryer range has been designed to meet your family's laundry
needs by offering convenience with washing and drying performance.

They also combine large capacity drums with a range of intelligent features
that deliver total care for your clothes; more control and ease of use.

Discover the latest features that are available on Hotpoint washer dryers

Eco tech

All Hotpoint washer dryers that have an A+ energy rating or feature specific eco cycles are awarded the eco tech icon.

The Hotpoint eco tech icon is awarded to those washer dryers that have the best energy rating, feature specific eco cycles or eco wash function for ultimate energy savings, helping both the environment and your pocket.

Woolmark Platinum

Hotpoint Aqualtis washer dryers have all been awarded the Woolmark Apparel Care Platinum Star.

The Aqualtis range of washer dryers has been awarded the prestigious Woolmark Platinum award which recognises the effectiveness of the special wool cycle in treating woollen fibres in an extremely gentle way.


Hotpoint washer dryers with anti stain cycles to help remove the most stubborn stains available at Argos.

Hotpoint's advanced anti-stain cycle removes 20 of the most difficult stains such as grass, ink and blood, thanks to its intelligent electronic water and temperature control. This enables Hotpoint machines to deliver the perfect wash every time.

Set & forget sensor drying

Hotpoint washer dryers with set & forget sensor drying available at Argos.

Hotpoint's set & forget sensor drying uses sensors to monitor the moisture and temperature levels inside the drum of the machine for maximum energy efficiency. The machine stops when clothes reach the desired drying level, such as iron dry.

Hotpoint Aqualtis washer dryers

Washing and drying a family size load in one cycle is a breeze for the A energy rated Aqualtis washer dryer range of machines. The large 11+7kg wash and dry load capacity allows you to do the whole family's washing in one go. The range also features an effective deep hygienic steam clean option.

Hotpoint Ultima washer dryers

Hotpoint's Ultima washer dryers use only the energy you need with set & forget sensor drying which monitors the moisture in your laundry. Digital displays and ready to wear cycles add to the appeal of the Ultima. They also have a large 9kg wash load, and the capacity to wash and dry a 6kg load in a single uninterrupted cycle.

Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryers

The Aquarius washer dryer range is packed with a range of cycles to suit everyone's needs. The list includes a ready to wear in just 60 minutes programme, a special cycle perfect for refreshing an outfit on the day you need it, and the shirts cycle offers crease free clothing minimising the chore of ironing.

Free delivery and recycling on all Hotpoint appliances

Delivery Monday to Saturday, 7am-7pm
Delivery in as little as 3 working days

We will collect your old appliance and recycle it for your convenience. Please ensure the old appliance is disconnected prior to your delivery

Shop online for a wide selection of Hotpoint washer dryers at Argos. You'll be spoilt for choice with a fantastic range of Hotpoint washer dryers with the capacity to hold a range of load sizes including 7kg & 8+kg machines. Take a look at our fantastic washing machine buying guide to help you choose the best washer dryer to suit your needs. Find it. Get it. Argos it.

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