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Make films epic with surround sound home cinema systems, gaming a little
more pulsating with a sound bar and enjoy films in the best quality
with a 4K Blu-ray player.

Sound bars and home cinema systems

The purpose of sound bars and home cinema systems is to help your home audio pack more of a punch. What type of system you need depends on what you like to watch. Every day telly can be improved with a sound bar, while film lovers will be better served by more powerful and comprehensive home cinema systems.

All-in-one sound bars

  • All-in-one sound bars combine speakers and subwoofers in one, sleek and space-saving unit.
  • As a sole unit, they are designed to deliver the power and base of both the subwoofer and speaker elements of a traditional home cinema system.
  • They make every seat the sweet-spot due to their width and breadth of audio coverage, while some models featured a curved design for even greater immersion.

Sound bars with subwoofer

  • Sound bars often come with a separate subwoofer, giving you audio from multiple sources.
  • The majority of subwoofers can be connected wirelessly to the main speaker, although wired options are still available.
  • The benefit of separate subwoofers is that you can set up your surround sound the way you want it.

Home cinema systems

  • A home cinema system is for those that want to go all-in with epic and immersive sound.
  • They will include various speakers and subwoofers for complete surround sound.
  • If you've got the space for multiple speakers and love your entertainment loud, then a home cinema system is the one for you.

Sound bars - all you need to know

Sound quality

Sound bar power is measured in watts and more watts should mean better sound quality. Wattage ranges from around 80W to 300W, with lower power ideal for improving every day TV and higher power offering the very best sound.


A sound bar should match the size of your TV. A smaller sound bar isn't likely to do a wide TV justice, while a large sound bar and small TV is an equally poor pairing. Choosing a sound bar that is similar in size to your TV means you are more likely to hit the sound sweet spot.

Wired or wireless

Most sound bars will connect to a TV wirelessly, as long as the TV is Bluetooth is compatible. You can wire a sound bar to your TV with a HDMI cable, and this is a great way to ensure consistently strong audio.

Remote control

Most sound bars will come with a remote control for changing songs, volume and more. Some may even let you use your phone as the remote, using Wi-Fi or NFC connection.


4K Blu-ray players

Benefits of a 4K Blu-ray Player

The main benefit of a 4K Blu-ray player is consistent and stable 4K viewing. Most streaming services offer content in 4K, but this requires a strong internet connection to deliver true 4K performance. With a 4K Blu-ray player there's no such problem, and you'll get smooth and uninterrupted performance, without having to worry about connection.



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