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As the ground breakers of indoor grilling, George Foreman is a firm favourite with families who love healthy, delicious food. With an assortment of grills for every occasion, the George Foreman range continues to innovate and expand to meet grilling needs. Fat reducing is at the core of the George Foreman grill, with independent tests showing that the grills remove up to 42% of fat*. The patented angled grill channels fat and grease away from foods.

George Foreman
Compact Grills

George Forman compact grills.

The George Foreman compact grill range is ideal for singles, couples, students and smaller households. The compact range offers the perfect way to start grilling, featuring everything you would expect from a George Foreman grill but in a convenient, compact design.

George Foreman
Family Grills

George forman Family grills.

The George Foreman family grill is the classic and most popular George Foreman grill size. Perfect for larger, busier households to help you cook healthier meals for the whole family in minutes!

George Foreman
Entertaining Grills

George Forman entertaining grills.

For larger families and for the real George Foreman grill enthusiasts that love entertaining guests, the range of entertaining grills are ideal for large families, dinner parties or inside BBQs. Whatever you're grilling up ,these 6 - 10 portion grills can handle it all!

George Foreman
Removable Plate Grills

Buy George Foreman removable plates grills at the Argos George Foreman shop.

The George Foreman range of removable plate grills offer the ultimate convenience. Cleaning up has never been so easy with detachable grill plates you can now soak them in the sink or simply pop them in the dishwasher!

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