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How to make cleaning fun
- a family guide

Are you looking for creative ways to get the kids involved in house cleaning? We've compiled some inspiring tips from our panel of expert mums that will make anyone want to get out their dusters and vacuum cleaners and get to work. We asked Stevie from A Cornish Mum, Lauren from A Blogger Mummy Lauren & Becky from The Mummy Adventure for their tips to make cleaning something the whole family can enjoy.

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Plan a house cleaning schedule

Deciding on a cleaning schedule that works for you and your kids means that they'll learn the importance of regular housework from an early age:

"Get everyone in the house involved, sharing jobs always gets them done more quickly. Work out what needs doing before starting and write an individual list for each person so that they know what they are doing, and so that you can make sure everyone does their fair share." -Stevie

"Giving them a simple chore every day like sweeping up after breakfast or moving furniture out of the way whilst you are hoovering, helps them understand what goes into looking after a house." -Becky

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Cleaning games for kids

"In every job that must be done there is an element of fun" was Mary Poppins' famous approach to housekeeping. Here's how our experts keep cleaning fun for the kids:

"Before vacuuming, give your children a small basket and ask them to pick up all toys and stray items from the floor. To make this fun you can turn it in to a competition by setting a timer and seeing who can pick up the most items before time runs out." -Lauren

"We have silly cleaning, where we have to sweep up without putting our knees on the floor, or whilst wearing big hats that we can't let fall off of our heads. They love when it feels like a game rather than a chore and it definitely makes me enjoy it more too!" -Becky

"Make it more fun for younger children by turning it into a game or a competition with a prize at the end. The 'prize' could simply be a half an hour delay on their bedtime, getting to choose which film you watch as a family that evening, or a treat of a day out at the weekend. -Stevie

A boy and a girl pretend to be pirates and use feather dusters for swords

Child and dog make mess

More great cleaning tips

A couple of simple additions to your regular cleaning routine can make all the difference whether it's music, toys or even the right clothes:

"Younger children will love to role play! Get dressed up in aprons, rubber gloves and get some buckets and sponges and start your own cleaning service. Take on the role of boss and assign jobs to your crew members, or work as a team to complete bigger tasks." -Lauren

"When cleaning, pop some music on. It's surprising how much more enjoyable it makes it, and if you choose up-tempo songs, it'll more than likely speed up the cleaning itself." -Stevie

"Make cleaning fun for kids by getting them their own 'cleaning kit'. Buy either toy versions or smaller versions of some of the essentials so that they can help out whenever they feel like it. Dustpan and brush, dusters and cleaning wipes are all perfect for toddlers upwards." -Becky

Our thanks go out to
Stephanie Couch A Cornish Mum
Lauren Blogger Mummy Lauren
Becky Dickerson The Mummy Adventure

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