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DesignaFriend has been specially designed for those with a love for dolls and fashion. There's a range of pretty and stylish dolls for you to collect, from Chloe who loves animals and has lots of pets to Jessica who is a cool rock chick that loves music.

Only at Argos!


All of the DesignaFriend dolls come with long, silky soft hair that's waiting to be styled. Each doll comes with a friendship bracelet for you to wear and there is a different charm to collect with each of the stylish DesignaFriend outfits.

There are lots of outfits and accessories to collect, to build up a complete wardrobe for your friend to look their best, whether they are heading to the beach, traveling or going shopping. There's even a range of wooden furniture specially designed for the dolls including a bed, sofa and coffee table.

Make each day full of friendship and fashion!

Download our DesignaFriend
outfit template

Download our DesignaFriend
party invites and bunting templates

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