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Chicco believe that making a baby smile is the most extraordinary job in the world. As the world’s favourite Italian babycare brand, they specialise in products across Outdoor, Indoor, Nursing, Toys and Car Safety - all in the name of making your baby happy. Everything that Chicco do is tested in their Happiness Laboratory, the Osservatorio Chicco, in order to create the best products to feed your baby’s needs and desires from birth to 3 years.

For more information, visit or find us on Facebook as Chicco UK / Youtube as ChiccoInternational.


Touching, watching and listening are amazing discoveries made fun by the world of Chicco. From visual, tactile, psycho-motor and hearing, to essential early abilities such as cognitive, interactive and social skills, Chicco toys provide the correct stimuli specific to the growth phase of the baby. Learn more about Chicco Toys available from Argos (birth – 3 years).

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