Go Brazil Nuts This Summer at Argos.

Go Brazil Nuts!

Celebrate a festival of football

Get ready to kick off a fantastic summer of football with Argos. From watching the tournament at home and on the move, to celebrating with your friends and family, we've got everything you need.

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Get Kitted Out

Bring the football action into your living room. Make the most of this summer's festival of football with our range of TV's set top boxes, sound solutions and more...
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Enhance Your Sound

Soundbars and home cinema systems can really bring the game to life. Here's what you need to know.

- These are slim horizontal units that plug into your TV and provide a more powerful audio experience. Easy to set up, soundbars are perfect if you want to boost your audio experience and only have limited space.
Home Cinema Systems
- By placing a number of speakers around the room, home cinema systems give you a truly immersive audio experience. Also known as surround sound, these systems usually have a separate amplifier, between 2 and 7 satellite speakers and a subwoofer to ensure you really "feel" the sound of the crowd.


Things to consider when buying a television:

Screen size
- choose a screen size to match the size of your room, for an average size living room, 32"-42" should be about right.
- HD Ready is sufficient for viewing HD broadcast channels however if you have a larger screen, games console or Blu-Ray player you will benefit from the added clarity of Full HD. Ultra HD or 4K is even higher definition and is best for particularly large screens.
- Passive uses inexpensive polarized glasses, like what you get at most movie theatres, Active 3D uses battery-operated shutter glasses.
Smart TV
- These TV's are able to connect to the internet via your broadband and offer additional functionality such as Apps for viewing streamed video services and web surfing.


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
- With 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil the power is in your hands. Immerse yourself in the FIFA World Cup as you play in authentic Brazilian stadiums, and replicate the passion and pageantry of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil! Please remember this game is only compatible on the Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3.
Sony PS3
- Take yourself on a journey today with High Definition games, movies, music videos, catch-up TV and so much more.
Xbox 360
- Bringing you a total games and entertainment experience for the whole family.

Set top boxes

By adding a set top box to your home entertainment system you can open up a world of new features. There are two main types:

Smart boxes
- Small and easy to use, smart boxes turn your TV into a smart TV. Giving you features such as streaming video, catchup TV and web surfing, smart boxes don't need an aerial but will need a wired or wireless internet connection.
Digital TV recorder
- These connect to your TV aerial and allow you to record all your favourite shows to watch at a later date. With features like series record, scheduling and pause live TV, you need never miss another thing.

DVD and Blu-ray players

Need to keep the kids entertained whist you catch the match? With a DVD or Blu-ray player, they can be watching their favourite films and shows on another TV leaving you in peace to enjoy the game.
DVD players
- With DVD players to suit every budget it's never been easier to keep the kids entertained.
Blu-ray players
- Giving a much higher definition picture, Blu-ray players are a perfect match for your HD TV. Able to play DVDs as well as Blu-rays your old collection of films won't go to waste. Why not combine your Blu-ray player with a home cinema system for a truly cinematic experience?

On the go

If you don't want to miss out on any of the action while you're out and about, get yourself kitted out!

- With a smart phone and mobile data package, you're never far from the action
- Slim and portable; these are a great way of watching the footy on the move. Make sure to get a mobile broadband dongle for internet access on the move.
Mobile Broadband
- You'll need mobile broadband to make the most of your tablet device while away from the home
- If you can't watch the match or don't have internet access but still want to catch all the action, make sure you have a personal or DAB radio nearby at all times!
- Make sure you hear every sound with our great range of headphones
Enhance Your Sound
Set top boxes
DVD and Blu-ray players
On the go

Perfect Party

Make the most of the sunshine and celebrate
the summer of football with style.

Entertain the team

Make sure you keep everyone's spirits high
with these entertaining essentials

Tech Testers

In March this year, we launched a competition on facebook for 10 lucky fans to be whisked off to London to review some of the latest tech products we have to offer and this is what they thought. Missed out? Want to get involved? Make sure to like our facebook page to ensure you get told about our future competitions!

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