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Blue room ideas

Moody blues

Set the tone in your home with moody, atmospheric blues. Alluring teals and marines offer depth and character, while bright, bold navies create a vibrant, vigorous vibe. Get inspired with our brilliant blue room ideas.

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Hushed hues

Create a feeling of calm in your living space with a subdued navy-white contrast. Accent a blue sofa with embossed metals and soothingly smooth glassware to enhance the relaxed mood.

Picture perfect. Add personality and pull your whole look together with an alluring print or painting.

Get crafty

Create your own distinctive piece of wall art with just 3 simple tones...

Step 1

Prep makes perfect. Along with your 3 paints, you'll need a large blank canvas, a handful of sponges and plenty - PLENTY - of newspaper.

Step 2

Start with the darkest colour at the bottom. Apply the paint by gently dabbing the sponge. Ease pressure as you work upwards to create a fading effect.

Step 3

Apply the next colour to the lower mid-section. Layer over the first colour and dab gently to blend. Use a clean sponge if necessary.

Step 4

Apply the lightest colour to the upper mid-section. Overlap with the second colour and blend. Finish with a touch of gold paint to complete the look.

Make it at home

Mix it up

Make more out of just one colour by mixing up your materials. Throw together blue bedding and quilted upholstery to create a cushy wonderland of tone and texture!

Add character to an old chair with a simple lick of paint - we turned ours into a contemporary bedside table!

Renew your pew

Upcycle a worn old chair with just a few pots of paint and varnish. Easy!

Step 1

First thing's first: the chair. Then, you'll need 2 paint colours, brushes, varnish, masking tape, sandpaper, a dust cloth, and music (No one does DIY without music).

Step 2

Lightly sand down your chair to remove any old paint or lacquer. Apply your base coat to the whole chair, then wait for the paint to dry.

Step 3

Measure the sections of the chair that you want to apply the second colour to. Use masking tape to mark - this will keep the lines neat.

Step 4

Apply as many coats as necessary. Wait for it to dry, and apply a protective varnish to keep your new chair looking sharp!

Try it out

Blue brunch

Set yourself up for the day by creating a relaxing blue-themed kitchen or dining space. Block-blue feature walls and white gloss furniture call an imaginary sea breeze to take you away.

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