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Bar accessories & cocktail recipes

A Glass Act

We’d like to propose a toast to our sparkling glassware and entertaining pieces. Whatever your tipple, there’s a glass to match. Sip up, mingle and enjoy the party.

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Stunning glasses deserve to be on show. Go retro and serve your guests from a drinks trolley or store your delicate cocktail glasses in a display cabinet.

Mix it up by using vintage jam jar style drinking glasses instead of traditional cocktail glassware.

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Which glass for which drink?

Get the lowdown on each glass type and become a magic mixologist with these cocktail recipes.

The martini glass

(No) ice ice baby! These cocktails are served without ice; instead the cone shape helps to keep the liquid chilled. The perfect choice for a classic martini.

Black Martini
2 parts black vodka
1 part raspberry liqueur

Combine in a shaker and mix vigorously
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

The wine glass

Reserved for red and white wines, and perhaps a cocktail or two. Holding the glass by the long stem transfers less heat to the liquid inside.

Ruby riviera
1 part vodka
1 part rosé wine
Top up with orange juice
Add a splash of soda water

The highball

For long, iced drinks like Mojito. The highball glass is shorter and wider than a Collins glass and used for cocktails with lashings of mixer.

Blackberry mint sprtizer
5 blackberries
Mint leaves
25ml syrup (sugar & water boiled)
Muddle together using a spoon
Top up with sparkling water and lime juice

The flute

Typically used for champagne and other sparkling wines. The opening is smaller to reduce air exposure and keep the bubbles for longer.

Blackcurrant bubbles
1 part blackcurrant liqueur
Top up with sparkling wine or sparkling grape juice
Garnish with blackcurrants
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Please drink responsibly.

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