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nursery Furniture

Create a safe, comfortable space for your newborn to rest and grow.

Furniture sets.

Furniture sets

A furniture set lets you fill your baby's room with nursery furniture essentials all in one go.

With sets that include combinations of cots, changers and storage solutions, it's a simple way to create a beautifully coordinated and functional nursery.

Nursing area

A nursing chair is designed to give you comfort and support as you feed and spend time with your new arrival.

Many nursing chairs also come with a footstool and a gliding function, letting you gently lull your baby back and forth. Add soft lighting for a truly soothing spot for you and your baby.

Nursing Area.
Plenty of storage.

Plenty of storage

From clothes and bedding to nappies and toys, you will need plenty of storage to keep all your baby essentials organised. Chests of drawers and wardrobes with plenty of shelving will let you store away those extras that will soon accumulate.

Changing tables also offer a great storage solution for all your nappy-changing basics.

Changing area

A changing table or station is a really useful addition to your nursery. By keeping your changing mat, nappies and wipes all in one place, changing your little one becomes much easier and helps keep your nursery clean and tidy.

If there is not quite enough room for a table, a cot-top changer cleverly turns your cot into a space-saving changing table.

Changing area.




Comforting night lights, charming soft furnishings and other special finishing touches will help make your baby's room a welcoming place for you and your new arrival.


painting the nursery

Welcome your new arrival with a beautiful room they are sure to love. From bright and vibrant, to soft and sweet, there's a range of colours to choose from to give them the perfect nursery. And it's important to make sure you look after little lungs with suitable, solvent free paint.

Check out our range of Crown Breatheasy paint

wall art

Why stop at adding some colour? Add stickers or wall art to make your little ones' nursery really feel like home. We have plenty of options available, from popular characters to cute animals and superheroes.

Check out our range of wall art and stickers


A soft glow from a night light can create a comforting and soothing surrounding as your baby settles down for sleep, and lets you tend to them in the night without turning on any bright lights.

Some simply plug in to your wall socket, while others attach to the side of the cot – just make sure they are securely fastened to the cot to avoid any risk to your baby.

Check out our range of Night Lights

Baby mobiles

Mobiles that securely attach to the baby's cot, and out of reach of little hands, can provide comforting music and project soft lights to help soothe baby to sleep.

Avoid mobiles that are too visually stimulating for sleep time, as this may prevent your little one from drifting off.

Check out our range of Baby Mobiles

Blackout blind

A blackout blind or lined curtain is a simple way to make sure your baby isn't disturbed by outside light. Simple to put up, these are an easy way to make sure natural light does not affect your baby's sleeping routine – just make sure you keep the cord safely out of reach of little hands.

If you are away from home you can also get travel blackout blinds to replicate the same sleeping environment for your little one, wherever you are.


Top tips for decorating the nursery

  • Choose a tranquil, soothing colour scheme. Think calming creams and soft pastel accents – something that will make you and baby feel relaxed.
  • Make it adaptable. Consider how long your nursery décor will last your child as children's characters that are popular now may not be as popular in a few years. Wall stickers let you decorate now and can easily be removed should your developing little one outgrow the décor.
  • Make sure it's functional – However you chose to decorate the room, make sure there is plenty of space to move around. Not cluttering with unnecessary extras will keep this room a relaxing space, and avoid any late night stubbed toes!

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