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Kindle Touch and
Kindle Touch 3G

with the most advanced 6" multi-touch screen.

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Easy to Use Multi-Touch Screen

Just touch and read.

Books wirelessly delivered in less than 60 seconds.

No complicated set-up, no software to install or computer required to download content.

Easy to Read

Most advanced 6" multi-touch screen.

Unlike LCD screens, E Ink screens have no glare.

Easy to read in bright sunlight.

Easy to Hold and Carry

Weighs only 213 grams less than a paperback book.

X Ray explore the most essential ideas, people, and topics of a book.

Technical Specifications
Display Most advanced 6” E Ink multi-touch display
Content Millions of books including exclusive Amazon content
Connectivity Two options: Free 3G+Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi only
No Monthly Fees or Annual Contracts
Navigation Multi-touch display
Battery Life (Wireless Off) Up to two months (Assumes 1/2 hour of reading per day with wireless off)
Storage Holds up to 3,000 books plus free cloud storage
Weight 213-230 grams
Global Wireless Coverage Only available on Kindle Touch 3G models
Built-in Dictionary
Books in 60 Seconds
Adjustable Text Sizes
Speakers (audio books,mp3)
PDF and Personal Documents

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