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Turtle Beach is the market leader in video game headsets - we've been in the audio business for over 35 years, and now we're innovating and changing the way people hear their video games with a wide range of headsets that appeal to just about every gaming demographic there is.

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Turtle Beach headsets - key features

Crystal-clear chat

Get crystal clear chat with Turtle Beach gaming headsets.

All our headsets use high-quality microphones to make sure you are heard clearly whether it be in the middle of an intense battle or calling friends and family.

Comfortable and immersive

Turtle Beach headsets are comfortable and immersive.

Our headsets include thickly-padded breathable around-the-ear cushions and adjustable headbands for great noise-isolation and hours of gaming comfort.

Surround sound

Selected Turtle Beach headsets feature surround sound.

Whether it's Dolby or DTS Surround sound our headsets provide the immersive 360 degree audio that lets you hear the direction of every sound, as if you were playing with speakers all around you.

Interference-free wireless technology

Crystal clear audio interference-free wireless technology Turtle Beach headsets.

Experience wireless freedom with our intelligent wi-fi channel-hopping technology that delivers crystal-clear audio.

Built in rechargeable batteries

Turtle Beach headsets with built in rechargeable batteries.

Built-in rechargeable batteries mean no more hunting for new ones. Plus they can deliver up to 15 hours of gaming in one charge and can be charged whilst playing.

For all your audio needs

Turtle Beach headsets for all your audio needs.

Headsets aren't just for games. Use your headset for listening to movies, or TV in cinematic surround sound or your favourite music tracks.

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