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Over 400 toys to inspire and delight your little ones. Spark imaginations, fuel their creativity
and enchant their play time with Chad Valley toys. Only available at Argos.

Baby, Infant
& Pre-school

Support the most important years of development with our Chad Valley Baby, Infant and pre- school toys. Carefully designed to stimulate and support learning, these toys will help them discover and practise exciting new skills.

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Get ready to save the day as a police officer, firefighter or doctor. With our inventive roleplay sets you can be whoever you want to be.

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Dolls, Bears & Accessories

Choose from an extensive range of cuddly bears and dolls. Then use your imagination to choose them an outfit to wear. The possibilities are endless.

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Tiny Treasures

Take home your beautiful new Tiny Treasure baby doll. With an authentic baby smell, super soft baby-like hair and feels the same as a real new born, you really can cherish and love your little one, just like a real baby.

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Action and Adventures

Time for an adventure! Grab your friends and race off for an action packed playtime that will really get the adrenaline flowing.

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Outdoor Toys

Get out and about with our Outdoor Activities. Introduce them to sports or put them in the driving seat with our speedy vehicles. Our zoomies will get them around the great outdoors.

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