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The Masterplug 7 Day Electronic Timer is a useful and versatile item that connects and disconnects a single socket based on your programming. 10 different on/off programs, with daily, weekly or combination options. Ideal for home security.

  • Single socket.
  • 13 amp.
  • 3120 watts max.
  • Triple pack.
  • LCD display, reset, summer/winter changeover. Programming information retained in the event of a power cut.
  • Up to 8 on and off periods per day.

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Ease of use

Easy to use timer

Great value for money and super easy to use.

4 / 5
Ease of use

Good product does what it says

Easy to use

5 / 5
Ease of use

it works a treat

already have got my friend to use them

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Questions & answers

56 questions | 76 answersAsk a question
Argos TS-EE8 timer, how do I recharge the backup battery

I have not used my timer for some time, and it has lost its back charge as it was not plugged in, how do I recharge that battery?

5 Answers

I have bought many of these over the years for xmas decorations, they are put away after xmas every year, some timers are over 5 years old, and are always dead with no display when I dig them out at xmas, I just just plug them in and press the reset button with a pen, the display should then appear and after a few hours they are recharged and working fine. The internal batteries are not removable and are sealed button type batteries which are soldered directly to the internal circuit board.
I have had one timer which will not hold a charge and will go blank immediately if removed from the socket, but works fine still as long as the mains supply is constant.


i plugged my dead timers in for 24hrs and still no return to life. cheap and worked well so I just bought new ones


Hi Jacko,

Plug the timer into the mains for 12 hours to charge up the built-in backup battery.

I hope this helps!


Have you tried turning it off then on again?


Plug it in.


Do these timers work with fluorescent lighting and energy saving lamps?

1 Answer

Hi there

Thanks for using Q and A

The timers will work with anything that is generally plugged into the mains electricity.

Hope this helps.

Use with extension leads

The pieces of paper with the timers say "Do not use on an extension socket". Does this mean do not plug the timeswitch into the wall then plug an extension lead into the timeswitch... OR do not put an extension lead into the wall and plug a timeswitch into the end of the extension lead... please? If the total amps of the appliances using the extension lead/timeswitch do not exceed either of the fuses' ratings then where is the issue? I have asked this question before and had it approved but can't find it on the Q&A. Thanks.

3 Answers

I am wondering whether the warning not to plug the timer into an extension lead is simply to avoid problems caused by mechanical damage . . . extension leads by their very nature are often dragged around, knocked or moved by other people in the house.
This could conceivably lead to the timer being damaged but as long as the house was empty or due care was taken this would not be an issue.
I hate it when instructions give a confusing recommendation like this without providing a simple explanation as to why!
Quite possibly it is a typo and it really is concerned with clueless people attaching numerous unsuitable high-wattage appliances to the timer when the house is left unattended.


Have used up to six successfully in a surge protected tower to control lighting, air pumps and internal filters for fish tanks for years with no problem.

All the equipment in fairly low wattage


Hi, thank you for your question.

I have looked into your query and I can advise that it is not recommended to plug the 7 Day Electronic Timers into an extension lead.

Thanks for using Argos Q&A.

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