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It's time to make outdoors great again!

The sun is out! Summer is just around the corner and it is time to enjoy the garden again. But has the long, wet winter left your patio looking less than perfect? Could your swing-seat use a sprucing? Or do you want to treat your patch to a complete makeover? At Argos we have a huge range of garden furniture, ranging from rattan chairs to aluminium tables, benches to hammocks. So, go on - give your garden a treat.

Top Tip:
Protect your Patio Furniture! Whether it's wood or weather-proof weave your garden furniture could give you many summers of joy if you treat it right. During the wet winter months don't leave it to soak, keep your garden gear stored the right way up in a shed or a cool, dry place. When you're using it in the hotter months, keep it protected from the sun and rain with one of our furniture covers. And don't forget to clean and dry your furniture before you pack it away, a five minute wipe down will help to stop mould and mildew making a mess of your summer seats.

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Perfect parties hot off the grill

The summer is all about getting outside, whether eating and drinking, soaking up the sun, or super soaking the parents. But what better way to celebrate the summer than to be out in your garden with all your closest friends, favourite drinks on ice and steaks sizzling on the grill. Summer wouldn't be summer without a barbecue, and at Argos we have the right 'cue for you.

Top Tip:
Choosing the right barbecue depends entirely on how you want to use it. Want to cook up a couple of bangers and burgers for the kids every once in a while? Then look no further than our best-selling range of smaller barbecues - perfect for that occasional summer treat. A budding al fresco chef, already planning that summer party for all the family, friends, even that odd couple from Number 12? Then have a peak at our professional range of gas-fired super-sized barbecues - fast, clean and mighty.

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Making the most of the summer

Summer is the best time to be a kid, and a parent! Long hot days make for hours of entertainment for them, while you lounge in the sun sipping that sangria. But what can you get to make this summer really special? To make your garden the envy of the schoolyard? At Argos we've got everything you need to transform your back yard into a summer wonderland. From trampolines to tricycles, water-pistols to paddling pools.

Top Tip:
Don't just leave it to the kids - summer should mean cycling for everyone! Fancy beating the rush-hour and getting trim this summer? Why not cycle to work? Take a look at our exceptional range of city and lightweight road bikes, perfect for zipping past the traffic and getting swimsuit fit! Or would you rather spend summer off-road, skimming down forest tracks, splashing through streams and conquering mountains? Then look no further than our thrilling range of mountain bikes and BMXs. With wide tyres and heaps of suspension these will make tearing up the countryside a treat!

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Get flexing those green fingers

So you've ventured into the garden for the first time in months and it's not pretty. There's stuff growing out of the patio, the lawn looks like a jungle and the shed has disappeared behind what appears to be a hedge. But don't panic, Argos is here to help! With Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, pressure washers and tools, we'll have your garden looking right as rain (or shine) in no time!

Top Tips:
A good pair of secateurs will help you chop through the tougher, older sections of weeds as well as the younger growths.
If you don't have room for a garden shed, check out our storage boxes and cupboards to keep tools locked away from children and protected from the weather.

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