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Washing MAchine
Buying Guide

With so many washing machines to choose from it's easy to get in a spin, but don't worry, our guide is here to help you decide.


Washing Machine Size

The capacity you need depends on how often, how much and what type of laundry you do.

Space for...

30 adult T-shirts
Single duvet

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Space for...

40 adult T-shirts
Double duvet

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Space for...

50 adult T-shirts
King duvet

Shop all 10kg and over

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Top tip:

Many washing machines come with half load programs so you don't have to wait to do a full load every time. Some can even detect the amount of laundry inside the drum and adjust the water accordingly.


Integrated or Freestanding

We offer both freestanding and integrated washing machines.


    Freestanding washing machines can be placed anywhere in your home where there is space and the right connections.


    Designed to be fitted behind a cupboard door, matching the rest of your kitchen.


Key Features

There's lots of features to consider when looking for a new washing machine. Here are the main ones to look out for and what they mean.

Mid-wash changes

Features like the Samsung Addwash enable you to make changes mid-wash. This means you can add in any items that you've missed.

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Delayed start

Delayed start lets you choose when a wash starts and finishes. Perfect if you need to make sure a wash is done at the most appropriate time of day.

Smart features

Many washing machines can be part of a smart home, meaning you can control your machine's settings using an app on your phone or tablet.

Control panel

Controls on washing machines vary from standard twist controls, to LED screens and touchscreens.

Energy ratings

Most of our washing machines are assigned an energy efficiency rating of A or higher. The better a washing machines energy rating, the more you should save per cycle.

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Spin Speed

Spin speed is how fast the drum rotates. Faster speeds remove more moisture from clothing and reduce drying time. Variable spin speed lets you choose the right spin to suit what you are washing, eg: lower speeds for delicate items.


Wash Programs

Most machines will offer a range of useful wash programs. Here are some of the most common to look out for.

Fabric specific settings Intensity settings Other settings
Low temperature,
low speed, to prevent
damage to wool,
silk and synthetics.
Quick Wash
Wash in as little
as 15 or 30 minutes,
depending on the model.
Designed for office
wear that rarely
gets dirty, but
needs washing often.
Setting specifically
aimed at cottons
and silks.
Baby Care
Intense wash that
removes detergent
from clothing.
For loads that
require an extensive,
thorough, clean.
Wash just for
dark coloured
A wash designed
to save energy.
High temperature
to remove allergens
from clothing.
Designed to eliminate
sweat and odour
with no damage to fabric.
Quick odour removal
without extensive clean.

Washer Dryers and Tumble Dryers

We also offer a number of tumble dryers, as well as washer dryers if you are looking to save space.

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washer dryers
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What's the fastest way to get a new washing machine?

Need a new washing machine as fast as possible? We offer many models for next day delivery, and a selected number are available to take home the same day.

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Delivery, Collection and Recycling

We offer free standard delivery on all of our washing machines and with many we can remove your old appliance, and deliver and install your new one. Simply enter in your postcode on the product page to find out if you can get this service on your order.

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delivery, collection and recycling

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